Tag Team!

Tag Team Poker Is Back! Join us at COACH'S on February 16th. Sign up will begin at 11:30am, with the game starting at 1:00pm. This game will be just like all TT games in the past. With teams of 2, playing 1 stack of chips. Teams will rotate in and out of the table each blind level. Each team will receive 4 "special chips". Two chips are for the ability to tag your teammate in instantly the moment you play the chip. Two more chips, to be able take "30 second time out" where you can discuss what's going on with your teammate before you make a hard decision.

Structure: 20 Minute Levels Big Blind Ante at Level 4 Pre game Smiles Shots for 4 levels (1h20m)

Prizes: 1st Place Team - BPO Tag Team Seats, MSQ, Tokens, 2nd Place Team - MSQ , Tokens 3rd Place Team - MSQ, Tokens


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