Four Years Ago

4 years ago tonight, we @ #PikesPeakPoker kicked off our Bar Poker Open debut. It was a Monday night game at O'Furry's Bar Colorado Springs. I'm pretty sure we only gave a few days notice to what was about to be the the revolution of Colorado Social Poker.

That very first game we blew the lid off O'furry's featuring an unheard of 6 tables, 62 players on a Monday night. The word had gotten out that something new was there, and that players were only 2 steps away from winning their place in a major championship in Las Vegas.

The room was filled with excitement. It was just the thing we needed. We announced just what BPO was and what they had the opportunity of winning all by coming out and placing top 3 nightly. They couldn't believe it! "What I can win my way to Vegas?", "We can play in a $100,000 Championship?"(at the time it was just $100k, not the $200k it is now). That night we qualified our first 3 Token winners!

Skip forward to today, 4 years later. We have awarded 5200 tokens, over 100 Direct Seat Games, taken well over 200 of you to Las Vegas and close to 30 different players to Atlantic City. Multiple players have cashed in the 7 total events we have been to.

Right now we currently have 47 players with seats to Vegas this summer. With several chances daily to win tokens, opportunities to go to vegas are endless! We also have our next Direct seat game this Saturday at Time Out.

What a great time to be apart of PPP. #BarPokerOpen, #MonthlyShowdown, #Extravaganza, #Seats , #Tokens, #Cash, #BarTabs, #Drinks,#Fun #PokerFamily #Vegas


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