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Jack & Jill - Tag Team Sunday 2/18/18

Jack & Jill Tag Team Poker - 

2/18/18 At Time Out @ 1pm

Is played with 1 Male and 1 Female member for each Tag Team. Yes this the relationship maker or breaker game, Just kidding. Bring you spouse, or loved one, or crush, or even enemy as long as they are opposite sexed you're good to go. The rest will be played out just like any TT game in the past. 2 tag and 2 time out chips per team. This event is open to all Players over the age of 21 and Teams Must be opposite sexed to play. Should you not have a partner dont fear we may be able to pair you up with some one so show up and see. Sign up Starts at 11:30am Game Starts at 1:00pm Prizes for Top 3 Teams, with Las Vegas Tag Team* Buy in for winning team . In the event of no Tag Team in Vegas other arrangements will be made for each team member. 

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